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Gabriella Bermudez

Gabriella Bermudez

Planning & Investment Associate

As Assistant Director of New Business at Madison Planning Group, I prepare important paperwork, submit investment applications, and reach out to clients on a regular basis for service on their investment accounts. Every client we serve has a variety of different goals, and meeting targets based on those goals keeps me motivated in my career. I enjoy learning as many new things as I can and coming up with new creative ideas in order to accomplish the goals that my job presents.

Growing up, I had a grandmother who was very strict about budgeting. She would always avoid having anything extravagant – she lived in a very small apartment and she didn’t own a car, and we always thought that it was because she didn’t have much. When she passed away, however, we realized that she had put some money aside in order to pay for a funeral, and she had also bought a life insurance policy to leave something behind for her children and her grandchildren. That was one of the biggest moments that helped me realize just how important financial planning could be in the average person’s life.

I never thought that I would have a career in the financial services industry. The industry grew on me because I realized that being a financial advisor is more about facts than it is about numbers. I have worked with Gary at Madison Planning Group for over 11 years, and during that time, he has taught me that the facts about a client’s life are more important than anything else. The wants and needs of a client are a huge part of the puzzle as well, and our financial planners put them all together to show the client that it’s possible to achieve their financial goals.

I believe that the greatest value that I can provide for clients is my attention to detail. I pay close attention to every fact and figure that is presented when I receive new files to process. I never simply try to just “get things done” – I prefer to track down a client’s main file, look at their financial plan, and make sure that I am processing everything to their specifications. I approach working with both clients and advisors with empathy. I put myself in Gary’s shoes and try to think about how I can assist him in having a flawless meeting with a client so that he can provide the client with the best advice for them. I also put myself in clients’ shoes when they call the office so that they can hang up knowing why they hired Madison Planning Group after each experience.

In my personal time, my son has the biggest impact on my life. I work harder every day to be a better person and set a good example for him.