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Julie Abato-Hoppe

Julie Abato-Hoppe

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant at Madison Planning Group, I handle calendar scheduling and time management under Gary. My job description is very clear that as his assistant, the most important thing is his time. No matter who the client may be, they are always allotted the same amount of time on his calendar and the same amount of attentiveness, even if it’s just to meet them for twenty minutes to pick something up. Gary has known me and my family for over 10 years, and over that amount of time, our friendship has grown so much that it has now created the ultimate team to upkeep his growing book of business.

I have been proud to serve in the financial industry for over 9 years. After I graduated from Dutchess Community College, I never thought that I would find myself working in the financial industry – prior to working at Madison Planning Group, I worked in service at a dealership. However, when a position at Gary’s company opened up, I knew that it felt right to take it. I aim to serve as the go-to contact for clients whenever they want to get in touch with our team.

I enjoy having conversations with clients, especially those that I have spoken with over the years and become quite familiar with. I truly believe that our clients can make a day turn around just by catching up with us and helping us learn more about them. Each client has their own sense of humor, and to me, that’s the best part of building such a wide variety of relationships – I can use that humor in my own life. I am motivated by knowing that there is always something new to learn in this business, and I have a good group of people to work with at Madison Planning Group as well.

I was originally born in Westchester, New York, and I was raised there until I was 10 years old. After that, my family moved to Putnam County and finished school there all the way up through high school. I am recently married, and my husband and I spend a lot of time around my sibling and my niece. When we aren’t working, we like to relax and kick back at a barbecue with close family on weekends or host family game nights. We also really enjoy heading out to our local parks and getting ice cream at our favorite spot in town.