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Nina Occhino-Melito

Nina Occhino-Melito

Director of New Business

When I finished an 18-month program in business administration back in 2003, I had no idea that my next step would put me on a path towards my dream job. I originally wanted to be a chef, but when I decided to take a more practical path, I was pretty sure that I would find myself number-crunching in a job that failed to bring me much fulfillment.

That all changed when I responded to a job posting at my college for Madison Planning Group and came on board to do what I expected: crunching numbers. But when an assistant position opened up at the firm a few months later, a door opened. I was soon managing Gary’s schedule and I began learning about new business management.

Gary has always been there to guide me and help me find my own path. The fact is, everybody who is here is here because of Gary, and he treats us all like family. We joke around with each other, but we also have a high level of respect for each other, and we know that we all have each other’s backs. That sense of family has had a huge impact on my career. Gary pushed me to be where I am today, and now I am studying hard for the life and health insurance license exam. It’s just one more “next step” in what has become my dream career at Madison Planning Group. I currently serve as the Director of New Business, where I manage new and existing business for all of our advisors. I also process applications and service existing accounts and policies. Once I have my new license, I will also be taking on life insurance responsibilities for the firm.

That’s a far cry from number-crunching, and I couldn’t be happier.